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Do you drink alcohol? Then this is the app for you!
This application will help you determine how much to drink, the degree of intoxication and alcohol withdrawal time from the body.
The application is made in the Material design style.

The app has the following modes:

1. How much to drink?

Calculate your individual Drinking dose before going to party to get relaxed as possible without any consequences in the morning.
Answer all questions and you will receive a recomended dose of alcohol drinks that we calculated only for you.
Enjoy the party without headache.

2. Time Calculator Alcohol withdrawal from the body

- Input to 10 alcohol drinks
- The degree of intoxication
- The amount of alcohol in the blood and exhaled air
- Complete alcohol withdrawal time or to 0.3 ppm
- Minimal, average and maximal sobering time
- To calculate using the formula Widmark and other.